Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It is better to live in a Corrupted World ! - (maari chindhikkunna INDIAN)

Lets start with the question - Why Corruption ?
People (not only politicians) indulge in taking bribes (from 1Re onwards its bribe!), so they can get more money to live a comfortable life later, may be when they retire. To have better standards of living. Is that possible with the meagre incomes these govt. servants get in India? Hell NO ! But will anyone be ready to lower their living standards to meet their income levels. Will anyone renounce their comforts so that they dont have to take bribes to live comfortably? A few might, but majority won't! So they take bribes.

Now imagine INDIA without corruption...(For those who support ANNA HAZARE)

All the people who have been living in comfort till this sudden change occur will need more money, so that their standard of living is not affected. What will they do ? They will demand a pay raise! But do our treasury have that much money to raise the income for all the people working for the government ? No. So the govt. will not agree to their demands. Result? Strikes,  more Protests, Harthals and Bandhs!

What is the alternative solution?
The govt. will have to raise the pay for each and everyone serving under.
How ? Raise money through other means.
What are they ? Simple enough- Taxes !

What all things include ? Taxes will have to be increased, from property tax to commodity tax. Rice won't be available for Rs2 for the poor anymore, (remember Gandhi did the Satyagraha to reduce the same thing-Taxes) Water supply won't be Rs9, and Petrol/Diesel/other fuels - do I need to say anything about that?

What other sources are there? Parking fee. Today no one who's an Indian pay anything to park on the roads or anywhere, be it on the next door neighbour Thomman's parambu (garden) or Raman's Pinnaampuram (backyard), do we? No. When the govt. needs to raise money they will have to resort to these measures (see Singapore! the dream place for you all! US, UK). Can you imagine an INDIA where you have to take a bloody license if you want to watch TV? No? Go to UK and you will understand. Will anybody be willing to pay for that (which does not include the subscription cost of the channels) ?
VAT? Yes, that will also go up, price of everything from salt to cars will sky rocket like anything. Is that the ultra-super-standard of life you all want? And then you will start complaining about the ever increasing prices of the commodity. Bus charges, Train ticket costs, imagine anything which involves paying some kind of tax to govt., the price of all those will increase!

Do I need to explain more about the tomorrow's Singapore as you all dream ? The only reason they are all satisfies with their salaries, is because they have bribes to support their life and family. You are not shelling half as much money as people liveing in those countries are doing. You are getting more than you are paying for, more than you deserve in India. So as for now, it's better to live in a corrupted world !


  1. <3 Simply Classic <3 Good One Da! I just say, When Greediness of Humans reduce, we can think of an Anti- Corrupted India! If you become corrupted for luxury, remember, ur dead body doesnt recognize this luxury! <3

  2. Beong the son of a beuareucrat I beg to differ in some of these. first of all, I support the cause Anna is fighting for, but not Anna. class 1 and 2 govt officers hav, who ultimately have the authority to call the shots and with whom the general public interacts and , who are, anre really paid reasnably well, after the 6 th pay commission came. our own batxhmates who are in class 1 or 2 service. like isro and all are paid reasonably more than most of us who work in corporate sector. isro engineers draw around 37k monthly, I mean ppl of our exp. pay is just factor to be corrupt. Wherever ther is authority ther is corruption. even Scotland yard is not corrupt free. I do not support this bill on many counts. firstly i dobt think this one bill. will end corruption in this country. moreover what is the gaurentwe tht lokpal members won't get corrupt. giving so much authority to a few ppl is too dangerous for a democratic country like ours

  3. I uderstand you KK, and I know your father's getting paid well, same with the ISRO ppl. It's not the case with every gov.t official in all the grades. and 37k? that's a good salary today in India, because 37k is more than enough to live a satisfied life. Compare to that currency in Singapore less than 1k? US$ 800-ish? UK below 550 pounds?, where as people in all those countries are paid much more than that. Even a part-time student in UK can make about 500pounds, same case with Australia or any other. Once there is no corruption, it won't be the case, the same 37k will become insufficient.
    I agree with you on the matter there is no guarantee the Lokpals will stay corruption free. It may work efficiently for a few years, but then again it might become another CBI/Vigilance just serving as a puppet.

  4. itharanao ee karnabharam

    it's not brave to blog under a faceless profile in the safety of anonymity

  5. Most of the people who read my blog know who I am. Rest can know more about me by following me on twitter n interacting with me. Thank you.

  6. The God of Arrogance
    aptly titled haha :P