Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Instead of Your VERI to KOLA – “WHY THIS......?”

Instead of Your VERI to KOLA – “WHY THIS......?

Every time we see a song or video go viral, we see a lot of groups going against it, trying their hard max to demote the song, rob it off its popularity all the while promoting it unintentionally and helping it go more and more viral.

These days I hear a lot of such kind about Kolaveri, people coming up with their own versions each day and another group of haters criticising it. Song, if it’s liked (be it a good classical one or the throat tearing vocals of some rock) will be listened to and shared.

So, I say stop nagging about the gaining popularity of a song.
Instead of your VERI to KOLA – “WHY THIS...?” Do something productive.
Here’s a list of 15 things you (every Malayali/some Indians) can do instead.

1) Pick every word of what a certain actor nicknamed ‘Rajappan’ says in some interview, edit those interviews as your wicked imagination lets you to, and share them. It’s OK to make super-lame Sms-jokes n waste your time.

2) Watch and share all Santosh Pandit videos. Again it’s OK to make a lot number of collages.
Swear at him on you free time. Discuss his films in future / his future in films.
Take part in some stupid talk shows/debates and ask many more idiotic questions.

3) Burn down a thousand candles at some candle-light vigil, so that those thousand candles may have their influence felt at the next Big-Budget! Add the term "EPIC-FAIL" here and there as it may require.

4) Burn litres of petrol and hold bike rallies against the rising petrol, diesel and aviation fuel hikes. Yes the govt. will definitely take of that 35ps from the 2Rs they propose to increase!

5) Share your daily (also daily life happenings) quota of “ossum” status updates because only you think they are that “ossum”.

6) Read and share the ‘techy’ stuffs so that no one else but the other techies will read them, probably because they already know too much about them.
Debate the pros n cons of SIRI, PORI or CHORI.

7) Bet on the future of Villas Boas at Stamford or other EPL score lines.
Predict the outcome of India’s series down under vs. the Aussies.

8) Pray for Tendulkar’s Century of Centuries.

9) Continue with your ongoing debate about the level of guiltiness of Afsal Guru/ Govindachami/ Ajmal Kasab. Again you should free some time to make some spoofs.

10) Show your loyalty as a fan towards your favourite actor by spamming with his/her pics, scenes/songs from the latest movie... Especially if the actor has had some flops in recent past.

11) Curse Man-mohan-Singham because you think he was born without a backbone. Buy Indian flag coloured Tees, Topis, Kurthis, etc and support Anna Hazare, so that you can be the freedom fighter you grandpa wishe-but-could not be. Make more funny collages at this point.

12) Mock the stupidity out of Kapil Sibal. Well you can try, but I don’t see much hope in it.

13) One for the oldies (who are a majority of the haters or ‘purists’ as they call themselves), Mourn about the bygone past, and say how it was beautiful, peaceful, Utopianistic in the 80s or 70s.

14) Criticise the lack of quality in those reality-crap-shows, but still continue to watch them, as if you got nothing else to do.

15) Post more crap like this.