Monday, 6 October 2014

Flipkart or FRAUDKART ?

Yet another conspiracy theory (from An Indian Who Thinks Differently)

No need for long and unnecessary intros. We will move straight to the topic at hand. Everyone has seen and ordered from flipkart on the big billion day. I too have seen some great offers and like any greedy wolf that licks the lips and jump when he sees the chicken, ordered some items without a second thought. But how many of you got your orders placed successfully? How many of you got your orders cancelled within hours of placing them?

I got my order for Moto E cancelled. Got the refund back plus a compensation of Rs 500/- for my troubles. I know you all have got the same, or will be seeing the same reply mail when you wake up and check your mail tomorrow morning.

I've been seeing some mocking posts (about price variations during the last two days to accommodate the offers) given under the names price-scam n such. That shouldn't be news, because it's the most common n petty trick most retailers do nearing a festival season (Aadi sale, Onam sale, New Year Sale, Stock Clearance Sale, we have seen it all and we shouldn't be complaining like this is the first time) No, that's not the point ! And if anyone's that adamant about buying shirts or trousers or salwars online, despite having Brand Factory outlets and other factory outlets where they have sale almost 365 days a year, I have nothing to say to correct them.

This is something else. What is it ?

This sale also started like any other sale with some good offers, some not so good ones and mostly loss-for-the-foolish-buyer-kind-of-offers. Here are my points...

1) When the sale was about to become a success, or when it seemed so for other competitors like Snapdeal and Amazon, they also jumped in with some offers on their own. And they began getting some attention as the offers from Snapdeal and Amazon were far far better than the Flipkart ones (as usual) So what do they do?

They go on to give some really really unbelievable offers which made people feel like Utopian days are back. (Yeah, even the cynic in me thought so when I got the confirmation letter of my order in the next few minutes) I was exalted in fact ! Alas, but only to rescind the offer saying it was a pricing error and refund some hours later. The purpose was to make sure people never went to the other competitor sites like Amazon or Snapdeal even to compare the prices ! And to say it worked very well too seems to be a failure on my/our part. 

Even though Snapdeal had some really good offers like ipad mini for 13k (which was a real steal), we were still busy looking at the 'steal' in flipkart. Same happened to Amazon also. But at least they came back with domain which redirected people to shopaholics' Amazon Jungle.
But I will have to give the points to Fraudkart people. Flipkart Score 2 : 0 people. (I will say how it got the 1st point later in this article)

2) Now if this is getting really crazy, don't blame me, blame my disappointment-anger-frustration-slightly-going-mad at getting cheated and my crazy imagination, for I do not have any proof, but only theories.

How many of you have seen the movie 'A Good Year' ? What happens before Russell Crowe goes to France ? (Spoiler Alert) Imagine all the money they had in their control during those 10 hour period. 100$ mill ? Now that would be more than enough to start a war ! They have that much money under their control, they know they have to return it later, with some loss. What would you do? More importantly what would they do? Or what did they do? Anything is possible right ?

What if this was a carefully planned operation to Short and Distort or do some nice little Short Trading or something like that ? Mind you, I am not an expert in the field of economics or stock market trading. But with the amount they had they could easily buy stocks here and there, creating a false demand and thus increasing the prices so as to sell them at a profit later. (We know mutual fund companies are notorious in that late trading and market timing techniques) One day's mutualfundinvestmentsaresubjecttomarketriskspleasereadtheofferdocumentcarefullybeforeinvesting.. Err.. Sorry about that... one day's investment of such huge amounts are enough to give them a nice little profit, yes? Economists/Stock Market experts, please join in and help with your inputs, I may be Wrong or worse...Right ! With that in mind they can easily throw them coppers (Rs500/-) into our bowls and name it a compensation ! Score Flipkart 3 : 0 people.

Now, are you seeing what a deal gone bad can do to a common man's mental state and his thinking process? Hahaha.

Well, this is not the first time they are making a mockery of us or the laws. (Coming to the score 1 : 0) But I am not the best person to say about that. You should read 'The Dirty Side of Flipkart' to know more. We (some our friends) had some war of words with flipkart on facebook and twitter regarding that issue and decided not to buy from them... until this impossible, unbelievable, bomblastic deals came up ! Decided to give them a try again and got hooked on the temple again.

Now the score stands at 3 : 0. And I think, now it's our turn to block out and hit back. What say?

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