Thursday, 1 March 2012

Inceptin' the Inception ?

“Ammaaa, what is it? Why do you have to wake me up now?” I asked out (from my bed) to mom, who was trying to wake me up from the kitchen, calling me, continuing her cooking at the same time.

Amma came n told me to wake up or I might miss the train. It’s semester 5 (third year) and everyone is going for their first I.V or the ‘Industrial Visit’. But for me it’s the second time! You may ask how? Well, yes, this is my second B.Tech (Some of you might feel like “Oh Gosh! A nightmare on repeat mode?”)

I was dreaming, all the time... Now there’s a superstition in our land that the dreams which you see in the morning are bound to happen in real. Now what was I dreaming? About my last I.V, about my Girlfriend then, who I don’t know where she is now. I was reliving it in my subconsciousness, meanwhile planning how to have the blasts which everyone always had while going for an I.V.

But for me I always wanted to go for B.Tech again, same college, but different branch. To relive those student-days...those fun-days. I am such a lazy twat to go for a job at such a tender age of 22 or 25. So I went for a PG like everyone did during the times of recession. But I was not satisfied, as you can see with my PG-student-life. It was hard work most of the times. So I thought another B.Tech would be great. Even my pal Bravo’s papa got 2 B.Techs (civil n electrical). So why can’t I? And yes this is my 3rd year in my second B.Tech. Great isn’t it?

I woke up with a start. I didn’t ever wanna miss the train. I looked at the clock n calendar. It showed 2012... Which means, I am only in my first year of my 2nd B.Tech. Still 2 n half more years to go for the I.V. Sheesh! That was all a dream after all. I called mom, asked her why she didn’t wake me up early. It was already late. I rushed to the bathroom to have a bath... half way through my morning-raaga (I am the greatest toilet-singer ever to have graced earth!) I heard my mom’s voice... “Come on it’s getting late already”.

I opened my eyes from what-you-may-call-as-epitome-of-concentrated-thinking (part of my morning-procedures, remembering lyrics n doing saadhakam) and was surprised to see me still in bed! Now, how did I get back onto bed from the unloading dock and with all the clothes on? As usual I checked the clock n calendar. It showed March 1st, 2012... Which means, I still haven’t gotten admission to any college; I still haven’t written my second entrance exam; and I am still that jobless Post graduate who’s such a lazy twat to go for any job.

I hope you people might understand, even guess what I was thinking the first thing when consciousness hit me. What’s this? Inception movie or what? AM I in some kind of LIMBO? I called out to mom “Ammaa, what am I doing?”

Mom – “You are just lying on your bed without getting up. It’s getting late. We have to start now...”
Me – “No, not that. Tell me what I am doing? Do I have a job? Or still jobless? Or am I studying?”

Mom – “Ninak vattaayo? (Have you gone mad?)”
**That gave me the most truthful answer**
Me – “Hoooooooph. Thanks. Thank God. I am still at home jobless and not doing my 2nd B.Tech.”

What was that ? A dream or a nightmare ?


  1. Two times B.Tech Victim. Nice! :D

  2. hehe. I loved my B.Tech days, but wouldn't go for it again tho.

  3. First polum kazhinjilla... appozha avante 2nd podey podey !!!

  4. Paavam veruthey ninne ninne bore adiche....vattaayi poyi............

    Enni Dubaile job enthaakumo entho???