Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Nostalgic Nottingham

 Scenes from Nottingham, my home for many months..
 My last click from Nottingham. The day I left.

 Calls for a toast, innit ?
 I love clicking the skies.

The place of many celebrations, toasts, drinks, lunches n dinners. Johnsons Arms.
 When the winter hits hard..
Jubilee Campus Library - University of Nottingham
I think that one's taken with my Nokia 5800, but still good enough to be posted here.

 From Skegness...

From Sherwood n Forest.

Stuck ? Can you help me please...
Olives, where's oil ?
Robin Hood's Merry Men


  1. Awesome clicks! So much to click out there also. No wonder these people have such great Flickr accounts.